In 2017 my life changed dramatically. I moved to Spain with my wife and Chester, our springer spaniel. It was the most difficult decision I ever had to make, but at the same time it was one of the easiest. How so? Well, after a lifetime of living and working in the UK, I needed a change and a new challenge. We had bought a holiday home in Spain a few years earlier, so things kind of fell into place…

Life changed dramatically. The daily commute to London was history.

Are you thinking of living in Spain (or another country)? You might find our experiences relevant, and hopefully interesting. I would be delighted to share my experiences with you.

In order to share my experiences, I started this lifestyle blog about life in Spain, Spanish traditions, culture, food (including tapas) and all the wonderful places I have visited. I chose to name it “Tapas in the sun” to reflect the major changes in my life. After all…

Life now is about Tapas in the sun!

Rom Gostomski
Rom Gostomski, blog author

I am a GPR Consultant living in Andalucia, Spain.

My interests include: photography, hill walking, discovering Spain and my two dogs. Chester is a Springer Spaniel and came over with us from the UK. Flo (Florencia) was an abandoned puppy roaming the streets in our village here in Spain, scavenging for food. She was lovely, but so thin! We took pity on her and took her in. She’s turning out OK!