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Malaga Christmas Lights

Malaga Christmas lights

The famous Malaga Christmas lights were switched on at 7pm on Friday 30 November. The main lights are in Calle Larios; last year, more than 30,000 people gathered for the switching on ceremony. This year, it was so packed, everyone couldn’t get in. The theme of the 2018 lights is a cathedral, inspired by Malaga cathedral, with 2 large domes and stained-glass windows. The Malaga Christmas lights are amongst the best in the world and the atmosphere is truly magical. This year’s budget for the lights is reported to be a staggering €733,211.

This video shows the entire switching on show at 7pm filmed on Friday 30 November 2018; from start to finish. Nothing added, nothing taken out. If you weren’t lucky enough to be there, this is your chance to see the sound and light show in its entirety…

Malaga Christmas Lights 2018 – the switching on ceremony

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