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Jaén Cathedral

Jaén Cathedral, called the Assumption of the Virgin Cathedral, is a Renaissance-style, Roman Catholic cathedral located in Santa María Square, opposite the Town Hall, in the centre of Jaén. It was designed by the architect Andres de Vandelvira, who designed many other monuments in the province of Jaen. The facade and towers were designed by Eufrasio Lopez de Rojas.

The Cathedral was built between the 16th and18th centuries. Originally the site was occupied by a mosque. Construction began in 1249. The church was damaged and rebuilt many times over the years. It was consecrated in 1724.

Inside, there are 17 chapels with simulated marble columns, the tops of which have beautiful ornate gold decorations. The most impressive chapel is the Mayor Chapel, which was decorated by Juan de Aranda in the 17th century.

This following video takes us on a walkaround inside the cathedral.

The cathedral has been declared a Historical and Artistic Monument of Cultural Interest. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Spain.

Photo Gallery of Jaén Cathedral

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