Genalguacil and the Valle Genal

Genalguacil is a white Andalucian mountain village near Jubrique in the Valle Genal. We went there in late autumn because of the Chestnut tree plantations. Living where we do with olive groves all around, it is green all year and we thought it would be nice to see some autumnal colours. We were not disappointed. Climbing up into the hills above Genalguacil, the views and colours were stunning.

Bi-annual art festival

The other thing Genalguacil is famous for (or perhaps I should say most famous for), is the bi-annual art festival called “Los Encuentros de Arte del Valle del Genal”. Prize-winning contemporary works of art are on permanent public display throughout the village after the event and visitors come from miles around to wander the narrow streets in search of artistic exhibits.

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