Ahíllo mountain, near Alcaudete

The Ahíllo mountain is part of the Subbética mountain range, more specifically the Sierra Sur de Jaén mountains. It is located just outside the town of Alcaudete. Although Ahíllo is not particularly high in it’s own right (1,452 meters above sea level), it is a prominent peak, standing head and shoulders above anything else nearby and is visible from miles around.

By being higher than other nearby mountains, the views from the summit of Ahíllo  are truly amazing; 360º spectacular panoramas. With views like that, it is truly difficult to describe them or do them justice with photos. With good visibility (and it was good on the day we climbed it, with just a little haze), you can see a huge section of Andalucia, including the Sierra Nevada mountains, Sierra de Cazorla and much more.

The route

The Ahíllo walk itself is fairly straightforward and not too difficult. In fact it is very enjoyable and includes oak forests, reforested pine forests and limestone crests, giving a wild aspect to this small island surrounded by olive groves. The path does disappear near the end and you have to pick your way through boulders and rugged rocks to reach the summit. The last bit can be quite difficult, or straightforward, if you know the way. We did loose our way a little and were struggling, but were very fortunate to stumble across a seasoned mountain trekker. He introduced himself as Peter (would that be Paco?) and he guided us all the way to the summit. He spoke no English, but we managed to get by and communicate with our limited Spanish. He pointed out all the places of interest that you could see. Peter, if you ever read this, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

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